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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do dreams have a meaning?

Some people will claim they certainly have. Others won't believe it can be true.

Now you're wondering how I came to this notion? Well, I was sitting in the train this morning, and two ladies began a conversation with me. One of them did a class of psychology where they tried to explain the meaning of dreams.

Now I'm not clueless in this field, as I also studied psychology and my own common sense tells me I'm dreading to have to work abroad (I often have this dream where I have to return to Germany and work there). When I was only 22 years young, I did work in Germany, but right now I would not want to leave my hometown again.

And when I dream I see my dad or mum, or my grandparents, I'm just reminded of the happy times we had together before they left us. My grandfather died in 1973, grandma in 1986, dad in 1993 and mum in 2008.

But what in heaven's name is the meaning of a dream my sister had some days ago? She dreamed that two elephants were walking through our living room and they opened the doors with their trunk. They also did not touch anything - or left something on the floor. ??????

If anyone knows what this means, feel free to share it with me.

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