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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eating out in London

When I was a young girl, it was common knowledge to us Belgians that you could not find any decent food in England's capital. White beans in tomato sauce just were 'yuk' to us, as the Flemish especially are known as connaisseurs of fine food.
Well, times have changed. I often visit London and recently I have discovered a restaurant that should actually have one or more Michelin stars. I'm talking about One-o-One in Knightsbridge. The restaurant, with chef Pascal Proyart, is part of the  Sheraton ParkTower hotel and is not far from the tube station.
I've eaten there more than once and each time I was nicely surprised by the quality of the food and wines. My sister and I always eat the 'Terre et Mer' menu. Mind you, it doesn't come cheap (last time we paid some 350 euro for our meal) but if you can and eat in a star restaurant in Belgium, you would even pay more.
The sommelier lastly told us they were hoping for a star next year. I'll definitly give them one (or two)!!!

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