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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Staying at The West End Guesthouse in Vancouver, Canada

Sometimes when we travel, we book a room in a Bed & Breakfast. Many times this is a better option than a hotel room and very often the service is more personal.
Up to now, the best B&B where we stayed is undoubtedly the West End Guesthouse in Vancouver town. Owned by Evan Penner and his husband Ron, it is a real jewel. The rooms are Victorian in style but contain all the modern comfort you need. Better still, they don't have that many rooms and they ask their guests to respects the night rest of the others. We never had any disturbance during the eight nights we slept there!
But what makes this so special, is the breakfast which is served in the antique dining room. One morning we had muffins, fruit, a cheese ommelet, the other a choice of chocolate bread, raisin bread, ham & cheese, a fruitsalad with cream and a pancake with confit salmon!!!
There always was tea or coffee if you wanted, and cookies in the afternoon, while the best sherry ever was presented after 6 pm.
Evan and Rob were the kindest hosts we met and they did everything to make your stay a pleasant one!
I'd rate this B&B with 5 stars out of 5.

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