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Saturday, December 21, 2013

FC De Kampioenen

Has been a very long time ago, but this afternoon we went to the cinema to see the film of FC De Kampioenen (FC The Champions). It's based on the tv sitcom which has been running for ages and still gets the highest viewer figures after the 20th repeat!

It's the story of the member of a village soccer team. They play in an obscure class and almost never win a match. The keeper, Xavier, loves his pints more than trying to keep the ball out... He is married to Carmen. They don't have kids, but Carmen has a little dog, Nero, which she treats as her little boy. The trainer is the sports teacher at school and he still believes he can tell everyone what to do on the field. He lives with Dora but up to now they haven't married, although Doortje desperately wants to.

The team gets together in café De Kampioenen, run by Pascale. Her ex-husband was the first trainer of the team. Now she is together with Maurice, who is a knight (a real one) and has a castle somewhere, although he pretends to be an ordinary carpenter. Pascale has an adult daughter from her first marriage, Bieke, who is married to Mark(ske) - in Flemish this the 'ske' means 'little one'. Mark never seems to grow up, and does everything wrong. Still he is sympathetic and gets most fanmail;

The sponsor or the soccer team is Balthazar Boma, who makes sausages in his factory - sausages that nobody wants to eat.

Across from the football fiels, there is a garage. It was owned by DDT (Dimitri De Tremmerie) who wants the soccer players gone. Now Dimitri is in jail and his place is rented by 'antique' dealer Fernand Costermans.

It's very basic humor, but everyone in Belgium can recognize him or herself in one of the characters. This is what makes the series so great.

And now there the film. FC De Kampioenen is invited to play a football match in the south of France. You can imagine what will happen there...

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