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Friday, December 13, 2013

FDT: Chocolade truffels

To start the weekend, why not make a festive dessert? Here in Flanders ‘truffels’ are really poular, and this is how my sister usually makes them:

What you need for approximately 20 ‘truffels’:

100 gram of chocolate (pure, the kind you use for sauces and dessert – for instance, Barry Callebaut)
50 gram of butter
75 gram of powdered sugar
1 yolk of egg
Chocolate granules or chocolate powder

How to go ahead:

Melt the chocolate ‘au bain-marie’ (= put one pot into another filled with hot water) and mix it with the butter. Add the sifted powdered sugar and next the egg yolk.
Leave this mixture to harden inside the fridge.
Afterwards, make the truffels (you roll little balls or any other form you want) and roll them through chocolate granules or chocolate powder.


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