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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Despite the fact I'm advancing in age (will be 58 next May) I don't dislike change. What especially gets my interest is the new technology concerning computers and smartphones/tablets.

I don't have a smartphone (well, I used to have a Blackberry) as I only use the handheld to make calls in case my train runs late and I'll be too late at work or at home. Instead I've got myself a tablet and I use this mainly to have the opportunity to watch video's on You Tube and read/answer my mail. Also handy if you need to research something on the net. We get free wifi on trains and in a lot of spaces, like shops etc.

Now they have made a new app for tablets: Stievie. It's an app to get television (right now they start with Belgian tv only) for about 10€ a month. This is very handy, because you can watch those programs in real time or in relay. If you do that on your tv at home, you have to pay any time you use relay. Now when we are travelling, we can watch our favorite programs (like the news and our soap Thuis) anywhere we are (and where we get free wifi). As we travel a lot on trains, that's no problem. Eurostar and Virgin trains always provide wifi. And of course, we only book hotels where wifi is included in the room!

I often wonder what the future will bring in this aspect. Who could have believed we do what we do now fifty years ago??? My grandma would have declared me mad!

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