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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Music for Life 2014

Like every year, Studio Brussel (a radio station) is organising the action Music for Life. It is their effort to raise money for the good cause, like children's cancer or the Red Cross. Normally they choose one good cause per action, but this year everyone can raise money for whatever (approved) good cause.

Schools organise activities, clubs of the most various kind do, big companies take part... Is is always a week of full activity.

The name of  the action is mainly because Studio Brussel is a radio station. This time they have a contest in which actors and such (no real singers) have to sing a song (this time, they have to pick one of the Eurosong tunes) awnd the public decides who's the winner of the evening. The winners of each evening compete against the others, and the ultimate winner is allowed to record the song which is going to be next year's Music for Life tune.

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