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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why do people drive so recklessly?

This morning, in a heavy mist, three chain collisions happened on one of the express ways in the west of Flanders. Hundreds of cars and trucks collided with each other, most likely because the drivers drove too fast in these conditions.

I've never seen the need to drive fast. Up to 15 years ago, I owned a car and drove it rather frequently. Mind, we did not have a car when we were kids. My dad worked for national rail and did not see the use of a car because we could travel by train for free.

I am happy to say I never had an accident while driving. I always paid attention and could react in time when someone made a stupid manoeuvre. I've been lucky. I also had a guardian angel who did his job when my car hit oil on one of the most busy motor ways (in Antwerp before the Kennedy tunnel). The car turned around and around, and I was expecting to hear (and feel) it collide every second - but nothing happened. It came to a standstill and so were all the other cars. I could right the car and drive on.

When there was mist, I would not venture out if I could prevent it. If mist hit me under way, I paid more attention than ever and never drove very fast.

But apparently not everyone does that. Proof is the terrible accident this morning, causing some deaths, several severely injured and hundred of lightly wounded.

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