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Monday, April 14, 2014

Accidents do happen

About two years ago, a bus full of schoolchildren returning from a ski trip in Switzerland, left the road for an unexplained reason and hit the wall of a tunnel near Sierre. Several children died, along with some teachers and the busdriver.

A sad accident. The Swiss police did a thorough investigation and came to the conclusion it was only that: an accident.

But some of the parents can't accept this. They want to put the blame on someone - by preference, on the busdriver. This man had had a depression - of which he had recovered - and had taken some medicine in the past. The group of parents now wants to prove these medicines had an after effect and made the man commit suicide.

I know it's hard to lose someone you love. My own parents died way too early. My father was working in the garden when he had a heart attack and died instantly. Hard to accept as well, but we managed and we never put the blame on his employer, National Rail. He worked irregular hours, day and night, so he could well have developed this heart condition by doing it.

You have to ask yourself: how important is it to know what happened? What will it change? Dead is dead, unfortunately. By putting the blame elsewhere you don't bring back those who have deceased.

Isn't it better to remember the good times? We often mention our mum or dad, or our grandmother or grandfather. They are somewhat alive in our memory. I also often dream of them.

I hope these parents find it in their hearts to leave things be and not put the blame on a man who - most likely - only did his job. For all we know their own kids are to blame. You know how it goes with school trips. Kids run up and down to ask if the driver can play their DVD's or CD's. One second of not keeping your eye on the road is enough.

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