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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Singing can save your life!

Literally! The item that caught my attention in this morning's newspaper was the story about a six-year-old American boy, who was kidnapped.

The (so far unknown) kidnapper pushed the boy out of his car after three hours.... because the kid kept on singing a gospel song. Obviously not a fan of good music! On hearing about this event, the writer and composer of the song visited the boy to congratulate him.

I know about the strenght of good music. I don't claim I can sing, but I guess I do well enough (especially under the shower). Some years ago, we had the worst possible neighbors. We own a flat on the top floor but underneath is another flat of course. These people - which we called 'The Vampires' lived during the night. They did not only stay awake (which I can't be bothered with, everyone does what he or she wants) but they took part in orgies and produced a terrible lot of noise.

We asked them politely to keep in mind they were not alone in the building, but that didn't help. Threatening with the police and a courtcase neither. They just laughed in our face.

But at last we found the remedy. After a night of carousing, we opened our windows at eight o'clock in the morning and sang as loud as we could 'Tiritomba' or 'Funiculi Funicula'. Well, that worked on their nerves! With a loud bang they shut their windows and we were glad they would not sleep as well.

They moved at long last. Now there is no more trouble as the new owners are normal people who sleep at night.

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