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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An evening of movies and musicals

Last weekend we were in Cardiff, Wales for a short break. Mainly to see this year's edition of A Night Of Movies And Musicals.

We attended last year's performance too and liked it so much we immediately planned our trip when we got a mail to announce the date. Cardiff, by the way, is a nice play to stay. The centre of the town is not too big, but there is enough to see and do. Cardiff has a castle, once belonging to the Marquis of Bute, and also a national gallery which contains the best collection of impressionists outside France. And personally I'd like to recommend The Corner House to lunch or dine. It is a pub, but also an eatery and its chef does know his business! We've eaten there three times by now, and each time the food on our plates was superb.

On Saturday night we went to St. David's Hall where the performance started at 7.30 pm. A symphonic orchestra, a choir of more than 100 people and several main acts. The orchestra played the themes of several well-known movies and of course there were sole performances. The Welsh tenor Wynne Evans sang a couple of songs, so did Nathan James (who was there the last year as well). His rendering of Gethsemane is the best I've ever heard. Other solo's were from Sandra Marvin (who sang songs of The Bodyguard and Ghost) and Sabrina Aloueche (performing from Les Miserables, where she played the role of Eponine).

We had great seats! We were sitting in the first row, centre stage. We could see everything very clearly and the artists also could see us, as we learned after the concert when we were able to have some words with them.

I can certainly recommend this concert. If you have a chance to see it anywhere else (they also do performances in Edinburgh, London and Dublin), buy a ticket and you're in for an evening of good music and song.

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