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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Robin Cousins' Ice

The past couple of days we've been away to Manchester (or rather, to Salford which is better known as Media City UK). We have been there last August too, and it's quite a nice place. Lots of canals and loads of opportunity to walk.

On Thursday we went to see Robin Cousin's Ice. For those who don't know Robin Cousins, he was one of Britain's best skaters in the 1980s. He won various medals at the championships and even the Gold Medal at the Olympics of Lake Placid. He is also the main judge of Dancing on Ice.

Later on Robin went to Holiday on Ice and he also made lots of choreographies for it. He started up his own company and has created beautiful shows on ice.

It's been since my childhood days I saw such a figure skating show once more. When I was not even ten years old, we often went to Antwerp to see Holiday on Ice shows in the Sportpaleis arena. A cousin and her husband picked us up at the railroad station and then we went together to see the show.

As kids we loved skating and we couldn't wait until the brooks froze over to bind on our skates. In those days, in Belgium there were no skate rinks (there aren't much now, either). So we had to wait until it froze to get on the ice. Luckily we have lots of streams and pools. In our neighborhood there we plenty of opportunity to go skating. The best places were those where you could not fall into deep water. In those days they allowed fields to be flooded, so the kids could skate when it became colder. And it was quite safe too.

But this being said, I just loved the show in Salford! It is really something I can advise, when you love skating.

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