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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Today Paris-Roubaix was the topic of the day. This world-famous cyclist tour is known for its tricky parcours - at its best when it is raining.

Now personally I don't have a lot of interest for cycling. I ride a bike, but it's quite a normal one, without 12 or more gears (just the three of them, and I always put it on 2). I enjoy making trips on bike, but never try to be the fastest.

But a lot of young guys are attracted to this sport because you can make good money doing it. I've had a couple of cyclists in the classes I taught. Some of them rather good ones.

My late mother loved to watch the cyclist competition, but then she was half an invalid and she liked to see others fall from their bike... She always felt better after having watched an afternoon of cycling!

Doping is a big issue in this sport. I think they have to look far for a cyclist who NEVER takes anything to boost his achievements. And most of them lie about taking it.

Where is the time of the village competitions? All young guys who competed for a bunch of flowers and a kiss from a little girl (me, in this case). They ate a bunch of spaghetti before the competition and just did their best. That is sports in my eyes. Not for the money, but for the glory.

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