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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Carpe Diem

For those who don't know Latin, this means: Seize the Day.

We live by that saying. We enjoy every moment to the fullest, because we know well enough it could be the last time. And it doesn't have to be anything expensive. I can enjoy the sun that shines after some days of rain, a nice sight, a striking painting in a museum, a good meal shared with friends, ... Of course I also like things that are expensive, like diamonds (although I don't own any, too expensive for my purse). No cars though, I haven't had one for over 10 years. My eyes are not good enough, even with glasses. I can't distinguish distance. This is not bad in ordiary life, but it would be dangerous when driving a car.

So whenever the opportunity arises, we are off on a trip somewhere to see a performance (or just do some shopping!) or go to see a collection at a museum. Soon we'll be away to Manchester, Cardiff and London - all this in good five weeks' time. We are going to see iceskating (Robing Cousin's Ice), War Horse, Miss Saigon and a Night of Film and Musical.

Hopefully the weather will remain as fine as it has been up to now. These last few weeks have been warm and sunny and we've never had such warm weather so early before. Having been at the seaside we already have some tan, just like we would have had after the summer months.

How do you live? We of course don't have any children and no family to leave things to. So we treat ourselves to specials frequently. We don't save up our money, as we find the best insurance is owning a house (and we have two). We'll manage well enough on our pensions later on.

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