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Monday, April 21, 2014

In for a long, hot summer???

Since the beginning of March the weather has made a turn for the better. We were blessed with lots of sunny days and the temperatures reached up onto 18° Celsius. That is already quite warm, because often in summer it is less warm than that!

The past Easter holiday was also a sunny one. The temperatures now go up to 21° and promise to remain this way for the rest of the week.

That makes us wonder if we are heading towards a warm and sunny summer. From my past experience (I keep stats from all the summers past, until 1993 when I began with my observations) I know this scenario can work two ways.

Either we're in for a warm spring and then comes July we get back into autumn (like most of the summers in the 2000's) or otherwise we keep on to this kind of weather (like in 2003). And let's not forget that wonderful summer of 1976.

As the song says, that summer began in May and ended at the end of September. I remember the temperatures at the end of June being well in the 30's. I was doing my exams at uni then, studied down in the cellar to get some cool (feet into a bowl of water) and felt ever so relieved when the exams were finally over and I could join my family at the coast - where there was a light breeze! Btw, I did well on those exams, but then I always did.

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