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Thursday, July 21, 2016

21st July

Today is for the Belgian what July 4th is for the Americans or July 14th for the French. It's our national day - the day when Belgium became a kingdom.

There is a big military parade in Brussels and at different places there are other festivities. Here in Knokke-Heist there'll be fireworks later this evening.

The long weekend has drawn a lot of people to the coast. Well, not only because they have 4 days off, but because the weather is co-operating. It has been sunny and warm for a couple of days already.

I'm glad it's not so warm anymore. I don't need temperatures over 30° Celsius. Now it is only 24-25° and that's more than okay.

Yesterday evening we went to a free muscic festival here in Heist. It's called Kneistival and it is held at the Hero Square, facing the promenade and the North Sea. We went to see The Proclaimers. It's always  nice to be able to see a good group perform for free! The two brothers Reid have grown a bit older, but they are still doing fine and their voices are like they used to be.

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