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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer coupe

vFor the coming holidays, my sister cut my hair extra short. It's very easy to have your private hairdresser - my sister is quite handy with almost everything! So I figured she could do my hair just as well as most professional hairdressers (most of them managed to ruin my hair, btw). And she does, but now I can get out of the house in the knowlegde I'm looking fine. And best of all, it doesn't cost me a single euro! When I got to a hairsalon, I'd pay like 40 to 50 € for just a wash, cut and dry.

A short haircut suits me, I think, I look younger than my 60 years. I'll post some pics later on this summer, when we have come back from one or other trip. And it's easy to manage when travelling: just wash it under the shower and let it dry, going with my fingers through it.

I used to have such short hair when I was a kid. But then I looked like a boy - once, during a school play, my own mother did not recognize me, as I was dressed as a little boy in our staging of The Girl With The Matches (I was playing her little brother).

Oh yes, when you're older memories of your youth easily come back!

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