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Thursday, July 14, 2016

What do do on a rainy afternoon

With our 'beautiful' Belgian weather (!) there is not a lot you can do to spend an afternoon when the rain doesn't allow you to go out.

So what do we do? We begin to remodel the bedroom. Some years ago, my sister decided she'd like a dressing in the bedroom, but when you have one custom-made it will cost you plenty. Because she's quite handy, she wanted to make it herself.

Using our fantasy, we broke out some old cupboards and used the side and planks to fashion a tailor-made dressing. We covered the old planks with foil so all looks the same. It looked well enough, but now after some years, my sister has spotted the minus points and wants to make them better.

So off again to the D-I-Y store to buy some extra planks (not easy, when you don't have a car). Yesterday afternoon we spent a couple of hours re-fashioning the part where our shoes and other stuff go. The idea is, to redo everything so the dressing will be as good as can be and doesn't need any more improvement. Better to do it now before we get too old, that's the main idea.

Any other handy people around?

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