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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Totally knackered

Yeah, this is supposed to be a holiday... Instead we're slaving away, because my sister got into her mind to remodel the dressing next to the bedroom.

And by slaving I mean dismanteling planks, pulling out nails and removing screws. You can guess, the previous dressing was home-made. Chris specializes in using existing material to create something new.

In first instance (this is already version 4, if I'm right) we had a very big dresser. We dismantled it, and used the almost everything of it to make a real dressing, completely to our liking. Chris can saw (rather) straight by using just a handsaw - the last time we had the boards and planks sawed at the shop and they were more crooked than the ones Chris did. My job is to fetch and carry (only good with words) and by pulling out nails that are a bit tough.

We worked all day long and only went to bed late. Now I feel a bit knackered. No work today, just enjoying the better weather and perhaps go walking or riding on the bike this afternoon.

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