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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

One trip cancelled, another booked

While in Venice, my sister got a mail from Ireland, in which she was told that the performance of Colm Wilkinson - for which we had booked seats - was cancelled and postponed to a later date. Unfortunately, that was in the middle of the week so we can't make it.

So, on returning home, we needed to cancel both our hotel in Dublin and the airline tickets. Experience has learned us never to book a hotel where you can't cancel until the day of arrival. Unfortunately, you can't do the same for airline tickets. But on calling Aer Lingus, we heard the tax would be returned. Better than nothing!

We had looked forward to Colm's concert. Alas, it cannot be. But two days ago, I heard that Phantom of the Opera will celebrate it's 30th anniversary by going to Paris and bringing there the first French version of the musical. And Sierra Boggess will take the part of Christine! She really is the best Christine ever - we saw her do it at the Royal Albert Hall in London 5 years ago, at the 25th Anniversary Concert. So we decided to go to Paris instead of Dublin and see that French "fantôme" version. The Thalys takes you to the French capital in only an hour, and we quickly found a suiting hotel. And we also very lucky to secure tickets central stage. (I always wonder how easy it is to book tickets for shows in other countries when in Belgium you never find them, or almost never!)

Already looking forward to it!

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