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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rio Olympics without doping?

Yesterday, we heard the news that even more sportsmen/women who competed in the London and Peking Olympics will lose their medal because they cheated by taking doping. There is a good chance that our Belgian 4x100 team will have gold instead of silver, because one of the Russian runners is among the doping suspects.

68 Russian althletes have negative results in a WADA drug testing. They made a report about it which is making the IOC consider to ban Russia from taking part in the next olympics.

I think it is a good thing the check-ups are getting better and better. Samples of urine can be held in store for 10 years, and by that time the officials can find most of the forbidden additons to have better results. This will (hopefully) prevent more sporters to take doping.

Why do you need doping? Why does you have to be so much faster than those a year before? Is it not enough to be just the best in a sport, even when your time is nothing to mention? And why should topsporters get so much money? In the old days you had olympics just for the honor of being the best. If it wasn't for the big money, doping would almost not exist.

What's your take?

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