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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mini trip to London

Those who read my blog should know by now that we love to spend some days abroad! So last Friday morning, we took an early Eurostar to London. The weather improved as we travelled. It was quite warm in London on our arrival.

We stayed right in the center of London, at The Trafalgar. Although our room faced the street and the busy square, it was so well isolated that we heard nothing of the outside noise (and also no background noise from the hotel, either).

We went mainly to see some shows (as I also explained more than once, buying tickets in the UK works better than buying them here in Belgium). We went to see Titanic  (great show) and yesterday night we went to see Ramin Karimloo who had a gig at the Palladium (theatre filled to the brink). He now has a show called 'Broadgrass' which is a mix of bluegrass music and Broadway tunes. Of course, he got most applause when he sang the songs from Les Mis or Phantom! He was accompanied by his pal Hadley Fraser and had Louise Dearman as guest.  And of course, he was surrounded by a great band!

For the rest, we enjoyed the nice weather there in London and also did some shopping. With the cheaper pound, always a good option.

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