Monday, September 18, 2017

Belgian team into Davis Cup Final!

The Davis Cup is a tennis competition between countries. More than 130 countries from all over the world compete in this, already since 1900. Each year the 16 countries in the World Group fight each other; the rest of the countries plays in the regional zones (the America's, Asia/Oceania, Europe/Africa). Belgium made it into the World Group.

What a great stunt of our tennis men yesterday! Despite a 1-2 score against Australia (team leader: Leyton Hewitt) our two best players managed to win their individual matches - and in a great way. David Goffin and Steve Darcis did what the nation expected of them, and won. Goffin even played his best match ever!

So now they are once more into the final of the Davis Cup. This is the third time already, after 1904 and 2015. The team works well under the lead of captain Johan Van Herck, who managed to bring a good atmosphere inside the group. He's also fluent in both Flemish and French.

The opponent this time is France, which won against Serbia. They already won the Davis Cup 9 times, the last time in 2001.

As France is quite near to Belgium, lots of tennis fans will try to attend this final, which will take place during the last weekend of November. They'll be ready to cheer their team forward, and of course we hope to win the cup. It would be a great prestation for our little country.

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