Saturday, September 9, 2017

Open Monument Day

Tomorrow, lots of monuments can be visited for free. It's the biggest cultural event of the year, and they are already into their 29th edition.

Here in our region, you can take a ride (for free) on an old steam train, between Dendermonde and Puurs where the old train line ran. While you're there you can also visit the old Cockerill factory, where these old steamtrains were made.

You hear the train coming from far! And see the black smoke. All the birds in the neigborhood will fly away when that steam train is coming. But hey, I can still remember the times when they rode past our house every day. That's what getting older means. You know a lot more than the youngsters (although you feel young yourself).

Our town has a lot to offer, so when the weather is not too bad we're sure to visit some of the sights, like the Belfry and Old Cloth Hall, the Meat Hall and the ancient Our Lady's Church with its baptism fountain in Roman style (I was baptised at it).

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