Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lovely weekend at the coast

It was time for a weekend away. My sister has been working (too) hard these last three weeks, to see to it that everyone of the teachers (over 500) will be paid this month. You have to work in education to understand how difficult it is to manage this! It means working practically night and day, 7/7.

So after all that hard way you deserve a break. I already left for Heist early Friday morning (which is fun, now that I'm no longer working). I could already run some errands and make a long walk on the beach, as the weather turned to nice after being cold and rainy for over four weeks. Chris arrived late afternoon.

Yesterday we woke to glorious sunshine and it turned out to be a lovely day. We walked some, and also did some shopping, as it was fashion week. I couldn't resist buying a lovely little black for special occasions! And at night, we went dining at Bartholomeus, the two-Michelin-star restaurant here in Heist. Always a treat!

Today we're going to make a tour on our bikes and pass by Marie Siska, where you can eat the most delicious waffles at the Belgian coast! They won't give away their recipe, though....

The waffles have a special shape, as you can see. I suppose they put beer in the batter. I prefer them with whipped cream, although you can also eat them with sugar, chocolate or fresh fruit.

We're taking the train back home tomorrow morning. Like this, you have a nice long weekend and especially when the weather is fine like now, you can really enjoy.

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