Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Planning is half the fun

Both my sister and I LOVE making plans! We plan our trips always a year ahead, for instance. Or discuss how we are going to decorate and paint the living room, hallways etc.

We find that making - and changing constantly - all of these plans is a lot of fun. Don't you agree? The wonderful thing about a plan is that you can change it as much as you like - and sometimes, when you realized your plan, you already start thinking of how to make it better still....

For 2018, we've more or less planned our trips - leaving space for some surprise trips (you never know when something comes up). And planning doesn't have to cost you. Although we make reservations and buy airplane tickets, we see to it we can cancel at any time without having to pay. Agreed, it will cost you a bit more, but in the chance that something wrong comes your way (like my surgery in July) you are glad you can have your airfare back and not having to spend a dime on your hotel.

The redecoration of our living room has been postponed to next summer. Normally we should have done it this summer, but fate decided otherwise. I couldn't do much after my surgery. But this means we can reconsider our color scheme... It has already changed a couple of time, but in the end we'll have to decided on a color. May be white (or off-white, light grey, ... Should go with the furniture and the curtains, because they are still in good shape.

Well, we'll see!

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