Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Writers block

I'm not the only one. More than one author suffers from writer's block every now and then. Mostly it has to do with personal circumstances, like a terrible loss (Pieter Aspe - Flemish crime writer - who lost his wife some time ago).

My case is somewhat different. For one reason or another, I have periods in which one idea follows the other, and a book writes itself - but then there areperiods in which I don't feel like putting one word on paper.

And I suppose there's a curse on a book I plan to write. It's the sequel to Diamonds For the Devil (book one of The Medici Diamonds). I had more or less an outline for this book, but at a given point I found out there was something wrong with it. In the meantime I wrote other books...

Earlier this year, I finally came up with a solution to this problem. I began to (re)write the beginning of the new novel - and then the news came I have cancer! Surgery followed and you can already guess - no more inclination to continue writing. By the way, I'm feeling fine after my surgery, the surgeon assured me she has taken out the entire tumor. Could be I need to get some medicine against secondary tumors, but there's a chance I won't need them.

Well, as you can tell I'm sitting behind my pc and I'm writing. A blog, that's easy and the inspiration never fails me for it. And yes, I've got an idea for a novel - but another one. I've always felt it best to write something different when you're stuck with another one. I guess Curse of the Diamonds is really cursed!!!

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