Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The best diet includes cheating

The things you read in your daily newspaper... According to a study of the University of Tasmania (Australia), published in The International Journal of Obesity, it's allowed to eat a pack of potato chips or a burger when you're on a diet.

I'd say this is good news for lots of people. Because who can really stick to a diet? I couldn't, that's why I don't follow one.

According to this study, those tested were divided in two groups: one that had to follow a strict diet for a given time, and a second one that could sometimes have a break with a meal full of calories. And you know what? It was the second group which lost most weight in the end.

When your body is given a strict diet, you'll lose some weight initially, but after some time your body goes into a mode of self-preservation, like in war times. Some sort of winter sleep.

So it's better to break off your diet with normal eating and in the end you'll be fitter and slimmer than ever before!

Personally, I think moderation and variation work the best. Both my sister and I have lost weight over the past few years, by changing our eating patterns a bit (by necessity, as both our blood pressure was too high, and also our blood sugar on the high side). We eat less bread (and then only brown), less potatoes. We switch bewteen meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian. And of course eat a lot of vegetables and fruit daily. Also drink lots of water, and less coffee.

This message won't be cheered on by everyone. It's not so popular to claim you don't need a diet to lose weight, a better slogan is "Lose 5kg in a week's time', right?

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