Sunday, September 17, 2017

September: a month full of events

Following a yearlong tradition, the month of September here in Belgium is one for active weekends. Every weekend, there is something to do - at least if you are inclined to.

It already starts with the first weekend of September. That's the weekend reserved for a happening around the city of Brussels. People can go walking or cycling around the perimenter of town, and of course there is enough to eat and drink, as well as entertainment by groups and artists. The event originated from the Flemish-speaking citizens of Brussels, who wanted to let their presence be noted (in Brussels people mainly speak French, although it's supposed to be bilingual).

The second weekend of the month is Open Monument Day (see one of my previous blogs). A chance to visit places that are not open for public or where you have to pay entrance fees otherwise.

This weekend (the third one) is Car-Free Day and also Harbor Day. Especially the last is interesting. You can go to the harbors of Ghent, Antwerp or Zeebrugge, and enter ships, make trips around the harbor, climb on a crane and help to move a container from the quayside to the ship, ....

And the last weekend of September is also a good one! Then it's Customer's Day in most shops. Which means if you buy something there, you also get a nice present from the shopkeeper. Like if you buy a bread, you'll get some chocolates from the baker. Shops where you buy a lot will even give you a more expensive present.

So when the weather co-operates, you have excuse not to leave your house on these weekends!

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