Sunday, June 3, 2018

Computer problems

A computer is handy - when it works! While I can use the computer well enough, I don't know anything about how it works (computer language). So when something goes wrong, I'm in big problems.

I have a laptop computer at our seaside flat, just like I have one at home. The pc at home is used on a daily basis, while the other one is only used when we are present at the flat (which isn't always the case). So that's perhaps why this pc doesn't work as well as the other (which is older and already more that 10 years old, but still working fine). First Norton Internet Security didn't work anymore. I don't know how that happened and what could be done. And now, the day before yesterday, I suddenly couldn't connect to internet anymore.

Checked the settings and it looked okay. But it still didn't connect. So I waited some time and tried again. Also the next morning I didn't have an internet connection, while we have one for our smartphone.

The only thing I could think of was to clear the pc of all programs and return to the factory settings. And this did the trick. Of course I have to install all the programs once more, but I managed the most important ones already.

So now I can write my blog once more. As mentioned, we're staying at the seaside and the weather has turned nice once more. May has been a great month concerning the weather. Also had some good news concerning my health last Thrusday. The latest scan confirmed that nothing has changed, which is good news. No new cancer cells spotted.

Four more weeks, and the long summer break starts for all who works in education. That means my sister will be rid of problems and worries for a while. That job of hers becomes too strenuous and I hope she'll cope wiith it in the future. But in July and August we don't have to think of that. Just enjoy our free time and do what we like!

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