Thursday, June 21, 2018


I did it again! Some days ago I tripped and fell flat out on my face. My newly bought glasses flew off (luckily they were not damaged), but you should have seen my face! Eyebrow split, more bruises on my temple and a nasty cut on my left hand. Luckily, I didn't need stitches, but I do have a nice shiner!
My sister says she now has a panda in the house...

It's strange that it's always the same eye that gets hurt. Two months ago I fell with my bike and then I also had a blue eye, next to bruised ribs and knee. They were just healed, by the way, but this time I don't feel anything there.

And years ago, during a ski holiday in Steamboat Springs, I fell on a bit of ice leaving the hotel (so that was clearly not my fault) and was immediately hurried into the ER. Also left eye hurt, and some cuts to the left side of my face.

The reason that I fall easily is my poor eyesight - I can't see uneven surfaces so I stumble easily. And also I don't have a lot of equilibrium. When there is something under my foot, it can cause a stumble or fall. Most of the time without worry, but lately...

Well, I just have to be more careful, I guess.

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