Monday, June 25, 2018

School's out

Last Friday, most of the secondary school pupils had their last exam - which means school is practically done for them for this school year.

So it's a tradition here in Belgium that lots of parents choose to leave on holiday in this last week of June. The reason? Well, it's a lot cheaper than going in July or August. Most airlines and hotels have higher pricing in the two holiday months.

The minister of education tries to put a stop to this practice, but is not really succeeding. The only thing that would really help, is doing like in Holland. There, when parents take their kids to the airport on days they should be in school, they immediately have to pay up to 1500 €. I think that would stop at least some parents of doing so in the future!

As kids, we always had to go to school until the last day. Our parents wouldn't allow otherwise. And trips were only taken in the free periods, like Christmas or Easter holidays and of course July/August. They didn't mind paying a bit more because school was out. And we also had our own bedroom at the hotel, did not share a room with our parents.

How is the situation in your parts?

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