Friday, June 15, 2018

Gentlemen still exist

I had to take the train to the coast this morning. The train to Ghent was already pretty full, but once in Ghent the next train was overloaded. I could hardly get on, and there were no empty seats to be seen in the carriages I passed through.

As I was looking around, a young man stood up and offered me his seat. His dad even put my suitcase up the baggage holder. They were tourists; people from the US who visited Belgium. I got into a conversation with them and so the train journey passed very nicely. Most passengers left the train in Bruges and from there everyone could sit again.

Just to say that not all  young people are selfish. I've often noticed it. People always say the youth is not mannered anymore. Well, that's not true. There are rude people of course, but you'll find them at any age.

In my experience, most young people are well-behaved and attentive. I remember that once, while I was still teaching, I lost my footing on the stairway and one of my students grabbed me to prevent me from falling (proves they liked me as a teacher!). And when I'm travelling in the London tube, there is always someone who gives up his/her seat to me. Not that I'm so old, must be my white hair. My hair has turned totally white as an effect of the cancer medication I take.

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