Thursday, June 7, 2018

Who loves the rain?

Shortly after we woke up, it began to rain - better: to pour down. We're in for a couple of days of thunderstorms and heavy rains. Yuk!

I really don't like rain. Well, I know it's necesssary but why can't it fall down at night, when nobody is bothered by it? Our scientist can do so much, shoot shuttles to the moon or Mars, but something simple like managing the weather is not possible.

And just that would solve so many problems. In those regions where it barely rains, they could have nice showers. Here in our parts, it could rain just what it needs for the water level and for our farmers, but then at nights, so we coud enjoy dry days.

But now, here in Flanders, it's all or nothing. Sometimes we get sunshine, but more we get rain. And when it rains like it did this morning (it has stopped for a short time) you just can't get out of the house without the risk of getting drowned. There have already been many floodings in lower regions. That is also something that goes wrong here. In the 50's and 60's the government allowed people to buy grounds that were not really fit for building. Also where I live. Across the railway is ground that floods easily. And still many people have built a new home there. Shouldn't you ask yourself questions when you buy property that is situated at 'Brook Street' or 'Water Street'? Our house is safe enough. Even at big floodings only our garden gets under water. The last time that happened, early this century, we had a pool full of ducks! The only problem was leaving the house. To get across the street you needed high rubber boots and it was just impossible to drive a car through it. That time, I had to stay home from work for two days - orders of the police and the firebrigade.

I hope this bad weather won't last too long. I prefer the nicer, sunnier variation!

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