Monday, June 11, 2018

Some thing with Irish crime writers

I really have something with crime fiction - a good thriller is one of the best reads! And I've discovered that I actually like the Irish crime writers a lot.

The first one I discovered, years past, was John Connolly. Dublin born Connolly graduated from Trinity College with a MA in journalism. His first novel, Every Dead Thing, introduces Charlie Parker. Parker is a former police officer who haunts the killer of his wife and daughter - and lives with ghosts. He became the first writer outside the US to win the Shamus award for this novel. Since then, I've read every Charlie Parker novel. They're great reads.

Next came Ken Bruen. Another Irish one, this time from Galway. His hero is Jack Taylor, a shifted ex-Garda now turned into private eye. You have to get into Bruen's kind of writing, but if you get the hang of it, you'll just love the way he describes things. Jack smokes, drinks and gets along with all kind of unsavory persons. I'm always waiting eagerly for the next Jack Taylor novel! Btw, Jack Taylor was also a tv-series, starring Iain Glen as Jack.

A later discovery was Patricia Gibney. After she lost her husband, who died from cancer, she tries to fill the void by writing. She lives in Mullingar with her three kids. Her novels feature Lottie Parker, just like herself a widow with three kids, but one with a past. Her first novel was The Missing Ones and in the meantime there are already four Lottie Parker novels.Great reads too

And a couple of days ago, I bought Little Bones by Sam Blake. Sam Blake is acturally a woman, named Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin. She's English, but married to an Irish ex-Garda and has been living longer in Ireland than in the UK. The heroine in these novel is Cathy Connolly, a young Garda who faces terrible crimes. I'm not finished with the book yet, but it's an interesting read!

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