Thursday, June 28, 2018

Fifa World Cup 2018 - strategy games

Tonight, at 8 pm, Belgium is playing against England in the world soccer cup. Basically, both teams are already placed for the next round, the 1/8 finals.

Now the situation is that neither team is kean on winning tonight's match. Becoming second in their group gives better possibilities, they think. Coach Martinez has said it would be better if the Belgian team can stay in Moscow (if they become second, they would play near Moscow) and have one more day of rest before the next match. But England (although they SAY they want to win) hopes for the same...

Will be an interesting game tonight. Now, for me, I'd just go for the win. I never wanted to  play a game without the intention to win or take a dare. I always won. If you are a professional sportsman/woman there is only one ranking you'd want: the first place. Otherwise you can better not stay in competition.

So heck, go for the first place in the group and smash the English team! What does it matter? Afraid of Brazil? Well, they first have to play against Mexico, so it's not decided yet who'll win.

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