Saturday, June 23, 2018

Go Belgium, go!

The Red Devil fever is widely spread in our country. For once we're not Flemings and Walloons, but Belgians united in one wish: to see our national soccer team win.

I bet it will be quiet in the streets this afternoon, as the match of Belgium against Tunesia begins in half an hour. You could already see it well enough this morning. More people in the shops and supermarkets than usual on that hour. I believe everyone wanted to do the shopping to have the afternoon free.

Lots of people will go and watch the match on big screens. We have also one here in our town, near the river Dender. It's a parking, but for once no cars are allowed. Some time ago, I could already spot supporters dressed in red, yellow and black heading that way.

We just watch here at home, with half an eye. While the guys are kicking the ball around, I can still read some lines in the book I'm presently reading, one of Pieter Aspe's Inspector Van In mysteries. Of course I hope the Belgians win, because then they are certain to go to the next round.

Endscore: Belgium 5 - Tunesia 2  Yeah!!! Romelu Lukaku is (together with Ronaldo) topscorer.

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