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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cirque du Soleil: Kooza

Yesterday evening, my sister and I went to see Kooza, the new show of Cirque du Soleil in Knokke.
We've been to three other shows by the Canadian circus already, but this was definitely the best one I ever watched!

Hundred minutes full of breathtaking action and aerobics, of funny scenes, of daring tricks... What more can you wish? This is circus in its purest form - only acrobats and clowns. Chapeau for the artists!

As always, there is a story behind the events on the scene. Kooza tells the story of the Innocent, a lonely and sad youngster who is looking for his place in the world. During his trip, this Innocent meets a bunch of comic characters, like the King, the Jester, the Pickpocket, the Tourists and his Dog.
I can't often laugh with clowns, because they act too silly for my taste, but here what they brought had just the right balance and remained funny. It helped, of course, to be included in the action (we had front row seats, thanks to our membership to Cirque Club).

Some of the acts were really breathtaking. Like the acrobats who went up the high rope and performed all kind of tricks, like cycling over the rope with another acrobat on the shoulder.

Or the guys in the Wheel of Death, who did frightening acts on those moving wheels, high up in the air!

And my respect for those ladies who managed to wringle their bodies in knots, like it was nothing! I can't put my leg in my neck, not to speak of what they were doing...

If you have never been to see Cirque du Soleil, I can really recommend it. Your money will be well spent!

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