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Monday, August 26, 2013

What do you like to eat?

I'm not very particular what concerns food, but I must admit I have some favorites. They rather depend on the season.

In autumn and winter, I really like oven dishes, with a mix of meat/chicken/fish - potatoes/pasta/rice - vegetables. Covered with some cheese, they can't be bad. We have dozens of recipes for this, and they all taste fine!

Also in winter, I hope to be able to eat some venison from time to time. Here in Flanders we have those typical recipes with Brussels witlof, which tastes quite well with venison.

An all time favorite is fish. We eat a lot of fish, most of all haddock. It's a quite firm fish that allows you to do almost anything with it. And of course I'm also quite fond of seafood, with my all time favorite lobster. Some time ago, we had a full grilled lobster (each) in Manchester, for a very reasonable price. But the best lobster ever eaten was in Newport, Rhode Island. Have you ever heard of Chicken Fried Lobster? It was so yummie we went to eat it twice during our stay there!

Care to share what your favorite food is?

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