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Friday, August 2, 2013

How do you get through hot and sunny days?

It's official: today was the hottest day of the year (at least up to now...). In Ukkel (where the meteo office is) they noted down a temperature of 36 ° Celsius, which is absolutely high for Belgium.

The month of July has been one of the best ones ever, and it certainly was a long time ago we had such nice weather. But today and yesterday were a bit too warm...

The warmest place in the country was the province of Limburg (near the German border) and not many of our houses have airconditioning. You don't normally need it here.

Thanks to a number of renovations we did at our flat, we could keep the temperature inside under 28° Celsius. Today it did not go up further than 27° and it's already going down again. Lots of people can't sleep when it is so warm, but we don't have a problem with if. We just lie down on top of our bed and open up all the windows. The sea air always brings a refreshing breeze in the course of the night, and by morning we wake up from a good and sound sleep.

This season, we've been able to enjoy our beautiful and big roof terrace, sitting in lounge chairs at night and nipping from a glass of cool white or rosé wine... or a fresh glass of Belgian beer, of course. We've also been making a lot of salads already and what is more fun than having breakfast on the terrace?

When the weather is like this, there is really no better place on earth than the Belgian coast. We have broad beaches, lots of possibilities for sports on an off the water, there are theaters, casino's and clubs (up to the most exclusive ones in Knokke Zoute)....


  1. I live in Northern Virginia; to say it's summers are hot and humid would be an understatement. I'm not a fan of the warm weather. The crisp days of autumn are my favorites. And during the summer months I count down the weeks until September. Right now there is only one more week until September.

    1. Hi there Robin! Humidity is a killer, I agree. I can bear high temperatures as long as it's dry warmth. I was in Portugal last week, and there the temperature ran up to 39° Celsius, and I could walk all day in the sun without feeling anything. So it really depends where you are. I've never been in Virginia (not anywhere in the South, for that matter) but I've heard a lot about it.