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Friday, August 30, 2013

Computer crime

Have you also experienced it? You get a mail (or more than one) from a bank - not necessarily your own - in which they tell you in bad English (or bad whatever language) that the bank is doing updates and you need to send them some personal information (including the passwords to your account).

Well, apparently lots of people do believe this kind of nonsense and provide all the details asked for. And then they have big eyes when a substantial sum disappears from their account!

Although the federal police gives ample warning against these practices, lots of people still fall into the trap.

At a given moment, I got about ten or twenty of such mails per day. What I did was reply and telling them that:
a) they should learn proper English
b) tell the one who paid them I had notified the police

I don't get this type of mail anymore - but they have found another way. Some days ago I got a Phone from abroad and someone told me in bad English that my computer was in danger. Hello? I told them I didn't listen to such nonsense, and knocked down the receiver.

This morning the police put a message in the newspaper about this new trick. Apparently, they tell those who listen they can fix the danger by paying 150 €..

And what about you?

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