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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watch the sun go down in a glass of wine

What do you do on hot summer evenings? We love to sit on a terrace and enjoy a glass of wine. Nothing better in the world!

I don't claim to be a connaisseur of wine, but I can tell what a good one is or a bad one... When I was only two years old (or even younger), I spent lots of time with my grandfather and my grandmother. While grandma was behind the cooking pots, I sat on my grandfather's lap. He read to me and also let me play with valuable things, like his precious stamp collection. At eleven o'clock (always the exact time) he dropped whatever he was doing and said "time for the apéritiv" - you have to know that during World War II he escaped a POW camp and escaped to France, where he spent a couple of years at a winery. Then he took out a bottle of wine, poured himself a glass, and asked 'do you also want to taste, little one?'. The little one liked wine.... until mother found out!!!

But I still like wine now and often drink it. Be it red or white or rosé, I like them all. I have a slight preference for Chilean wines, but also French ones are great.

Now, with these nice hot temperatures we're having, there is nothing better than sitting down at dusk with a glass of white wine, cooled as it should, or a bottle of rosé. Feet up and just watch the world go round from the roof terrace...

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