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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Borlée brothers

If you are interested in athletics, you might have heard of the brothers Borléé. Kevin and Jonathan, and now also Dylan.

Father Borlée used to be an athlete himself, and now he is the trainer of the Belgian running team. He is lucky to have twin sons who are really fast. Kevin and Jonathan are their names. Kevin specializes in the 400 meter, and won gold in the 2010 European champignonship and a year later he won bronze in the world champignonships. His brother Jonathan in faster in theory, but he sometimes can't make it to the medals.

The family Borléé also has a daughter, Olivia, who won silver in the 4x100 meter during the Olympics in Peking. Now the youngest son, Dylan, is taking his place in the spotlights.

During last night's world champignonships in Moscow, father Borléé put  his three sons in the 4x400 meter, which must have been a unicum. They ended up 5th, which only fractions of seconds to spare with the numbers three and four.

Jaques Borlée is sure they will do even better. He hopes for an Olympic medal in 2016 in Brazil. The team certainly has possibilty to grow. The two eldest brothers have already proven their worth, but especially Dylan can grow into a force to reckon with.

A pity Olivia wasn't an Oliver, then father could have put four of his kids in this discpiline!

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