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Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to school

Today it was back to school for thousands of students and teachers. In the primary years, there is a significant increase in pupils, due to higher birth figures.

Lots of tears will have flowed, especially from the younger one - and even more from the mama's and papa's who brought them...

The school system in Belgium is like this: school begins the 1st of September (but because this was a Sunday, today we started on Monday) and last until 30th June. There are several holidays: one week at the end of October, 11th November, two weeks for Christmas and New Year, one week in February, two weeks for Easter, 1st May, Ascension Day + the day after followed by the weekend, Whitsunday and the following Monday - and then of course the two months of summer holidays.

For all those who think it's too much, I'd invite them to come over and pick up a job as teacher for a week or two. And then wait what they'll say.

Kids can go to school from the age of 2,5. The one condition is they don't wear pampers anymore, as the teachers can't spare the time being a nursemaid as well. Once they reach the age of 7, they go to primary school for 6 years, and then another 6 years in secundary school. If they get their degree of secundary education, they can go to college or university.

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