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Thursday, September 12, 2013


While I was riding my bike this afternoon, this thought went through my mind : how would a mediëval guy react when he saw me now?

A woman, hair cut short like a man's, wearing trousers, a windjacket and sneakers, plus spectacles! And riding a bike... A smart phone in the pocket...

I think this guy would just go mad. My bike would look like a devil's contraption, a monstrosity in metal with wheels, which he certainly would not be able to ride.

And when that phone would ring, what'd he think then? I could show him then how to go on the internet, and send messages to people...

Another thought: my sister and I would have been branded as witches, for certain. Not married, independent, fond of cats...

Do you ever think what would happen if you could travel through time???

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