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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lack of inspiration

What do you do when you want to write a blog, but don't find the inspiration?

All kind of thoughts go through your brain.... Like where to go on holiday next year. First of all we wanted to make a trip to Greece - see Athens and then a couple of the islands. Next my sister wanted to go on a cruise. We found one which looks interesting: cruising from Venice to various other places like Santorini, Istambul, Corsica, Nice, ... But as we had finally decided on the route, we found out we could not book this cruise online. Yuk! We don't like going to a travel agency and wait for more than an hour before we can be helped. We've been booking our trips online since the Internet came into existence and we don't plan to do otherwise. So now we have to find another destination. Any suggestions? (Please take into account that we are no millionaires.)

Also been thinking about the criticism my sister always has when I've done cleaning. She doesn't do it, but it is easy to comment later on. She always sees something like a bit of dust (which could easily have fallen AFTER I mopped the floor). That goes on my nerves, sometimes.

And still feeling a bit tired after the weekend away in Birmingham. Two late nights - the first one because we only arrived at the hotel around 10 pm and then had some wine and cheese snacks, and the other because the Barry Gibb concert lasted until 10.45 pm and then we had to go back to the hotel so we weren't in our beds before 11.30

Also disturbed because there was a horrible raw next door. Our neighbor's son came to complain about being sued (he's over his head in debt, and mother refuses to pay anymore, so he says she can't see her granddaughter). We really thought he was going to kill someone, so we called the police. I must say they arrived rather soon, but not soon enough for Tom to have kicked in the door (heavy wood) and threatening his mother and stepfather with a metal object (something out of his van, he works in construction).

Well, hopefully I have something interesting to write about tomorrow!

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