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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Going on strike - acceptable or not?

The constitution grants us many rights - one of them the right to go on strike.

There have been times when workers were underpaid and often had to work long hours (more than 16) in dire circumstances. Think back to the late 19th century, when the industrialization happened and factory owners wanted big profits (well, they still want them...).

This was the time the unions came into existence, and then they did a good job. They obtained that workers got rights. A right to decently paid work, to holidays. But as time went by, especially in the 1960s and 1970s workers here in Belgium got overpaid. Not for nothing they are the most expensive in the whole of Europe!

There is no working class in Belgium left, as factory workers can buy a house (and even a big one), go more than once on a trip abroad and own a big car, like a Merc or BMW.

Don't take me wrong, I'm not against people being paid for the work they do. But I do have my objections to the fact that people with a university degree sometimes are paid less than those who don't have any degree. It's true, in some big factories the workers get paid better than we are (and then compare the job: doing a no brainer job or having to deal with youngsters who have all kinds of problems and attitudes).

Today I'd be willing to say that those who strike should lose their job. Selfish reason, of course, because I've booked airline tickets for a trip abroad and now the airline is about to go on strike. They'll only know Monday.  I know passengers have rights, but where do they leave you if on the day you want to leave they announce they don't fly, and they don't offer any alternative? And I can't book a ticket for the train yet, because doing so would mean I am not entitled to a refund. Damn strikers! I didn't know working in the cabin of a plane was that though a job... Pushing a cart with food and drinks and showing how to leave the plane in case of need?


And that's not all. Also the custom officers are on strike. They are not satisfied to get a fixed sum for their weekend work - they want a compensation for every hour they 'work' in the weekend. Now you have to know they only stand around, chatting to their college, most of the time. Only when a dark guy passes by, they'll do a check. I'd better stay quiet and continue 'work'!

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