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Friday, September 27, 2013

The wonders of technology

It is definitely true that technology has changed our lives a lot. Just imagine your daily life without a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a cooker, a telephone, a computer, ...

Of course technology also has it negative points. Some inventions are only good for terrorism or for other practices. But sometimes the scientists come up with great inventions.

Take robot ZORA, which is now in use in the University Clinic of Gent. ZORA is 57 centimeter high and is programmed with several sensors. This is the first time this kind of robot is used to help with the revalidation of children and to spot falling down with epileptic patients and the elderly.

Of course, ZORA won't replace the nurses. She (or he?) is only there to help out. ZORA can do tasks to relieve the medics from certain pressure.

Right now, ZORA is used to teach children the correct moves (which can be rather dull and take up a lot of time from the nurses). And the kids love the robot! ZORA is very polite - always says 'thank you' when it's given something - and it cheers the kids who make the moves correct moves. When the children have to move their hands in the air, it even plays music to accompany it.

A robot like ZORA will cost around 25,000 € (in dollar: multiply by 1,3) but the experts think they will get cheaper in the near future. Who knows, in ten years' time we all will have such a robot in the house, to help us with our chores and who watches out and will call the doctor when something happens to us. A nice thought, as most likely my sister or I will remain alone after the other dies, and I for one would like to stay in my home for as long as possible.

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