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Friday, September 20, 2013

How absurd is this?

For a couple of days already, one subject heads the front of the newspapers here in Belgium. It is an article about two infants (2,5 and 3 years young) who had a 'fight' in Kindergarten.

Baby One took away the cookie of Baby Two, and consequently Baby Two wanted his cookie back. Result: a tuft of hair (or a little piece of milk tooth, according to the source) was plucked off and Baby Two also set his teeth into the hand of the other (most likely he thought he'd bite in his cookie).

Nothing strange, but the parents of Baby One have begun a court case against the school and the parents of Baby Two.

Makes me wonder what's happening to the world? What do parents think these days??? I remember my school days well enough. If anyone had wanted to take away my cookie, I'd certainly have trashed him or her, and they would not do it again. If I did something like that (which I never did, thanks to my parents' upbringing) I'd be certain to get a good beating once I came home.

There was a picture of Baby One in the newspaper today and I can easily spot this young man will do worse things once he gets older...

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