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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Indian summer

What a glorious start of September! Today the average temperature went up into the higher twenties (Celsius) and that's a lot warmer than to expect this time of year.

All this glorious sunshine lenghtens the holiday feeling and it feels not too bad having to go back to work... Especially since the forecasts are that this nice weather will keep on for the remainder of the week and that also next week would be good. They even expect temperatures up into the thirties the following days!

Tomorrow afternoon it will be nice to go shopping, and stop at the tearoom for a big sundae. And on our list there certainly will be some cool beer and white or rosé wine, to enjoy in the evenings, when we sit outside in our garden and have dinner there. Perhaps another barbecue in the weekend?

And it's too hot to paint, so this weekend will be a free one for a change (the past weekends we spent painting our hallway, and we're already up to the second floor - but much remains to be done yet).

Well, that's for later. Now it's time to enjoy what may be the last beautiful days of the year.

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